Zampro Fungicide 140 oz

Zampro Fungicide 140 oz


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Zampro fungicide, when used preventively as the first spray on leafy vegetables, cucurbits and a variety of other vegetables, relieves growers of the worry about disease and gets you off to a strong start for maximum crop quality. Applying Zampro preventively as the first spray gives growers a powerful tool for controlling downy mildew, the most economically important vegetable disease. With disease controlled at the start, growers can feel assured that their overall investment in the season is maximized without compromising their crops. Two modes of action for improved resistance management. Offers both curative and preventative disease control. Active Ingredients: Ametoctradin 26.9% (Group 45 Fungicide) and Dimethomorph 20.2% (Group 40 Fungicide)

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