Vinegar 30% from tote BYOB Sold by the Gallon

Vinegar 30% from tote BYOB Sold by the Gallon


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30% Home and Garden Concentrated Vinegar that is all natural and can be used indoors and out with hundreds of uses. It is sold by gallon, 2.5, drum, or tote. You can bring your own jug if you like, as we encourage recycling.

This non-systemic option works on contact, unlike herbicides that have to move down to the plant root to kill weeds. It is an effective, non-selective herbicide for applying directly to the leaves of weeds, shrubs, vines, and trees.  It is perfect for lawn and garden use.

Do not dilute. Spray 10-20 gallons/acre when weeds are small and actively growing to the point of wetness. spray in full sun preferably when temperatures are 65 degrees or higher.  

This is not your Grandma's vinegar. It is dangerous and can blind you if you get it in your eyes. Follow the labeled directions and safety precautions.

Great for general cleaning if you dilute it at a rate of 1 part vinegar to 6 parts water.  Polish chrome, clean windows, glass, floors, patios, and driveways.  Unclogs shower heads, remove stains, removes soap scum and laundry odor.  Lower pH of soil and water.  

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