Vinegar 30% 1 Gallon organic

Vinegar 30% 1 Gallon organic


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Proven to be an effective non-selective herbicide. Not systemic and safe to use around the woody trunks of shrubs, vines and trees.

30% Vinegar Concentrate, has countless uses for the Home and Garden. This concentrated formula is 6X more powerful than standard Vinegar. 30% Concentrate Vinegar can be used as a natural weed control.  Use 30% Vinegar Concentrate to clean the patio and driveways as well as remove soap scum and hard water stains. This indoor and outdoor product can also be used to lower the pH of soil and water as well as clean rust off tools and concrete. 30% Vinegar contains no bleach, dyes, ammonia, or any other harmful chemicals.

Do not dilute. When used as a herbicide, spray 15-30 gallons/acre when weeds are small and actively growing to the point of wetness.  Spray in full sun on days when it is 65 degrees or warmer. 

Read and follow the label for safe use.  

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