Vetch Hairy Seed

Vetch Hairy Seed


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Versatile legume crop.  It can be grown alone or mixed with cereal grain for high-quality forage. The most winter and frost-hardy of legumes.  It has the potential to withstand temperatures as low as 5 degrees with no cover. It has a tap root that will extend 1-3’ into the soil. Vetch will thrive even in dry conditions. It becomes a vigorous annual cover crop, yet it is considered noninvasive in our area.  A popular restorative crop for the garden when seeded in the fall to over winter and then it can be mulched back into the soil as a fertile green compost providing nitrogen to the soil.  This vining, trailing legume will soften and revitalize compact, deficient, uncultivated soils.  Matures in 80-90 days.  Drill/broadcast Rate: 15-40#/Acre.  Early maturing.  High Nitrogen production.  Broadcasts well.

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