Sweet Corn Bodacious (Yellow) Sold by the Pound

Sweet Corn Bodacious (Yellow) Sold by the Pound


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Bodacious RM sweet corn produces yellow ears. These ears measure 8 inches long and contain 14-18 kernels around and 16 kernels per row. This sweet corn variety reaches maturity in 75 Days.  There are approximately 2,800 seeds per pound.

Standard Bodacious RM Sweet Corn is a flavorful and exceptionally tender corn. The improved RM offers improved disease resistance, allowing this variety to tolerate maize dwarf virus, common rust, common smut, and Stewart's Wilt.

Requires a germination temperature of 89°F. Seeds germinate in about 5 to 7 days. Soil temperature must be at least 55°F in order to germinate.

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