Surgical Kit Scapel and Suture

Surgical Kit Scapel and Suture


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All instruments are stainless steel. Long expiration dates on sutures and scalpel blades. All bagged in air free polypropylene pouches. Each set includes: 2 Suture Set: Needle and Thread (Size/Brand may vary), 1 #3 Scalpel Handle 6-450, 2 #10 Scalpel Blade, 2 #11 Scalpel Blade, 1 5" Needle Holder or Larger (Size may vary)11-1250, 1 5" Curved Hemostat or Larger (Size may vary) 4-511, 1 4.5" Scissors (Size may vary)4-330, 2 Alcohol Prep Pads (Antiseptic), 2 Povidone Prep Pads (Antiseptic) The surgical instruments in the product are not sterile and the suture set and scalpel blades in this kit are for practice only.

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