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WEEVIL CIDE RUP Pellets EPA Reg #: 70506-14 ONLY SOLD TO THOSE WITH Restricted Use Pesticide FUMIGATION LICENSE or dealers with chemical pesticide license. Aluminum phosphide may be used for fumigation treatment of various stored product insect pests in the following commodities:

Raw Agricultural Commodities such as grains, seeds, nuts, peanuts.
Processed Foods such as cereal flours, bakery mixes, cookies, crackers, pasta, cereals, dried fruit and nuts, spices, candy.
Animal Feed and Feed Ingredients
Nonfood Products such as tobacco, clothing, wood, dried plants and flowers, straw or hay.

This product is extremely dangerous. People have died when using it improperly. Follow label directions. Versatile fumigant that controls many pests. Generates phosphine gas. Labeled for insect and vertebrate pests.

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