Vitamin Mineral Poultry Cell RB

Vitamin Mineral Poultry Cell RB


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A bioavailable vitamin and mineral supplement with extra blood-building iron and amino acids, it enhances and promotes good health. It is formulated in a palatable base that your poultry and other animals will love.
Vitamins A, D, E, essential B vitamins, and 400 mg. of bio-available iron.
A super-concentrated level of vitamins and minerals to help multiple species in times of stress due to illness. Aids in the stimulation of appetite for proper growth. Oxygenates blood and increases alertness. Great for use before showing or competitions or to help animals through ailments. 
It is an excellent method of providing vitamins A, D, E, and essential B Vitamins or B-12 without the hassle and stress caused to you and the animal when giving injections.

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