Rain Barrel Terracotta 55 Gal

Rain Barrel Terracotta 55 Gal


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Epoch Solutions Rain Barrels provide the highest level of safety, durability, longevity, and quality. We have prevented over 125 tons of plastic from going to the landfill. We repurpose HDPE food drums into rain barrels. Repurposed is a step above recycled truly environmentally friendly. Our rain barrels come with lids that are child/pet resistant, screening to prevent mosquitoes from accessing the rain barrel, two access or overflow ports for connection with diverters or hoses, and a brass no-kink spigot to connect drip irrigation, garden hoses, etc. minimum of 50% of our labor is handled by individuals with disabilities and handicaps or who may be rehabilitating back into society. Customers love the Epoch story, the quality of rain barrels, and the many benefits including water conservation, helping the environment, and growing lush and healthy plants. Epoch Solutions truly is an environmentally-friendly company that focuses on plants, the planet, and people.

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