Oroboost Penetrant Spreader Wetting Agent OMRI Organic 2.5 gal

Oroboost Penetrant Spreader Wetting Agent OMRI Organic 2.5 gal


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OROBOOST is formulated to make organic herbicides, insecticides, miticides, fungicides, and foliar nutrients work harder. In addition to improving spreading, wetting, and penetration, OROBOOST is the only organic adjuvant with proprietary TransPhloem technology that accelerates input translocation throughout plants, including roots, to deliver active ingredients for quicker and better results. WSDA Certified, For Use In Organic Agriculture. ?áOMRI-listed foliar adjuvant for improving spreading, wetting, and penetration of organic pesticides and nutrients. ?á

At lower rates, 20-32 ounces/100 gallons of spray solution, it is a superior spreader that gives contact pesticides excellent coverage on the leaf surface.

When OROBOOST is used at higher rates, greater than 32 ounces/100 gallons, it penetrates the leaf surface, allowing its patented TransPhloemTM technology to move systemic pesticides and nutrients throughout the plant for rapid translocation.

Active Ingredient: Alcohol Ethoxylate 13.58%

The general field rate is 32 oz per 100 gallons with a rate range of 24 - 64 oz/100 or .1875 - .5%v/v. ?áIt is also used, for example, at .25/100 when spraying 15 gallons per acre, costing the grower around $2 per acre.?á?á

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