2 Cycle Oil 1 Gallon Mix

2 Cycle Oil 1 Gallon Mix


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The Opti 2 1 gallon pouch is a premium 2 cycle oil, to be added to 1 gallons of gasoline for use in any 2 cycle engine, for virtually smoke free operation regardles of the ratio required by the engine manufacture. No more hard starts or fouled spark plugs. Opti 2 has a fuel stabilizer included so it will help keep ethonal based fuels fresh for up to two years. In addition the customer can burn Opti 2 treated gasoline in a 4 cycle engine as well. This means that the customer can reduce the gas cans required for home use to one instead of multiple cans for different equipment. When used, Opti 2 will also improve the internal surfaces of the engine. The harder the engine is run using Opti 2 treated fuel, the better the engine will run.

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