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Milestone Herbicide Quart


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Milestone Specialty Herbicide is formulated to provide excellent control of broadleaf weeds and woody plants in various use sites. It features a flexible formula that helps deliver long-lasting control of weeds, woody brush, and vines, including noxious and invasive species on diverse sites to achieve maximum vegetation management. It guarantees the effective killing of invasive weeds but leaves little to no damage on desirable cool and warm-season grasses, including bahiagrass and bermudagrass. Recommended for rangeland, permanent grass pastures, Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres, non-cropland areas (such as roadsides), non-irrigation ditch banks, electric power and utility rights-of-way, fencerows, and natural areas (such as wildlife management areas) including grazed areas in and around these sites.  Due to the residual nature of Milestone hay and manure from grass treated within the preceding 18 months, problems will arise if these products or compost of this grass and manure are used in any area where broadleaf plants may be grown.  Milestone works and continues to persist in manure, hay, and compost.  For best results, spread this manure, compost, or hay back onto your pastures, CRP, or corn fields.  Read and follow label instructions, but 4 - 7 oz per acre is a common rate, making this a very economical spray option.   40.6% Aminopyralid. This is the concentrate of the primary active ingredient found in GrazonNext in a smaller more concentrated bottle.  

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