Imidacloprid 4SC Alias Acronyx Gallon jug

Imidacloprid 4SC Alias Acronyx Gallon jug


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Imidacloprid 4SC GAL (S-Cloprid) Alias 4F, Wrangler or Macho 4.0. Fast-acting foliar activity and long-lasting systemic residual control of piercing and sucking insects. Four-pound Imicloprid Generic that has the same active ingredient found in Admire, Merit, and others. Controls Aphids, Colorado Potato Beetle, Flea Hoppers, Wireworms, Psyllid, Leafhopper, thrips, mites, miners and more. Often used for Hemlock woolly adelgid control. Different brand names of Imidacloprid 4.0 are listed under his SKU.  If this is unacceptable, do not order or confirm which brand we have before ordering.

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