Fly Tag Insecticide 20 pk

Fly Tag Insecticide 20 pk


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GardStar plus is a molded plastic cattle ear tag containing permethrin, a fast-acting synthetic pyrethroid. Permethrin is a photostable insecticide with residual effectiveness against a broad spectrum of livestock ectoparasites. GardStar ?« plus tags weigh 0.34 oz. (9.5 grams) each. Controls pyrethroid-susceptible horn flies, face flies, Gulf Coast Ticks, and Spinose Ear Ticks. Aids in control of stable flies, house flies, and lice. Approved for use on beef cattle and dairy cattle, including baby calves and lactating dairy cows. Reduces the need for frequent spray treatments. Requires no withdrawal time. Recommended for rotation programs with tags with another active ingredient to help manage insecticide resistance. Apply with teh Y-Tex tagger. Up to 5 months of control.

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