Farmco 20'x66" 4 wheels Wide

Farmco 20'x66" 4 wheels Wide


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4 wheeled 5' 6" wide Lare Bale Feeder Feed Wagon. Designed for large bales, shopped feeds and TMR. Conserves more feed than open bottom feeders and is easily mobile to fill and move around so your pastures aren't sacraficed. 12 gauge metal with well placed reinforcements and top-notch welds. Electrostativally painted with two part polyurethane for even coverage and lasting results. Slanted trough sides with an inverted V divided to keep leftover feed scraps available to cattle and easy to clean. 180 degree turning front dolly for maneuverability. Extendable tongue that folds up and hooks out of the way when feeding. 4 wheels wtih 15x6 rims and used tires to make transportation around the farm simple.

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