Exirel Insect Control 1 Gallon

Exirel Insect Control 1 Gallon


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Exirel insect control powered by Cyazypyr actively protects numerous crops from insect-feeding damage and suppresses key insect-vectored diseases, resulting in healthier plants that deliver high-quality, high-yielding crops at harvest.

Labeled on brassica, bulb, cucurbit, strawberries, bush berries, tree fruit, tobacco, peanuts, tree nuts, citrus, pome, stone fruit, and vegetable crops. Exirel insect control protects against sucking and chewing insects, including key pests; Lepidoptera, Dipteran leafminers, fruit flies, beetles, weevils, whiteflies, thrips, aphids, and psyllids with no cross-resistance to existing chemistries. It also offers unique, cross-spectrum activity, helping to conserve key predators and parasitoids without causing secondary pest flares such as mites.

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