Eraser Max Concentrate Gallon Persistent Bareground Herbicide

Eraser Max Concentrate Gallon Persistent Bareground Herbicide


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Total Vegetation Control Concentrate gal glyphosate, imazapyr GAL treats 17,297 sf persistent bareground. Non-selective, long lasting and effective weed control to 1 year. Imazapyr is water soluble and, depending on soil type, can move into parts of landscape where it was not sprayed. It can be used for complete control on baregrounds or spot control of weeds, brush and vines. Offers control of over 150 species of grasses, brush, weeds, trees and wines from an entire season preventing future growth where no vegetation is desired for up to one year. Read and follow label instructions. Both RM43 and Eraser Max are the same active ingredients and both of these products are sold under this SKU.  43.68% Glyphosate (quick kill) and .78% Imazapyr (long lasting).  

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