Encourage Nanocal 4-0-1 2.5 gal 10% Calcium

Encourage Nanocal 4-0-1 2.5 gal 10% Calcium


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Sub-micronized calcium carbonate increases calcium availability, improves fruit and tuber development, strengthens cell walls, and promotes overall crop vigor.?á 4-0-1 guaranteed analysis.?á From Oro Agri, which is now Rovensa Next.?á Derived from urea, potassium hydroxide, and calcium carbonate providing the smallest milled Calcium on the market.?á Milled to .7 microns + 5% Urea N + 5% Ascopyllum Nodsum Seedweed + 6.5% Fulvic and Humic acid sugars for assimilation.?á Black Calcium source but no humin. Mixes and handles very well. There are lots of great outcomes with this product for many crops.?á Typical foliar rate is 8 - 12 oz, and soil rate is 32 - 48 oz.?á Perfect for establishment as soil application and foliar early through out bloom for abiotic stress reduction.?á?á

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