Clover Premium Blend YJ CT 25#

Clover Premium Blend YJ CT 25#


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A mixed blend of the best white and red clovers we offer with a lower red-to-white ratio.

Best for interseeding into thin grass or alfalfa stands or for adding to your favorite cool season grasses. ?áLowers the issues associated with endophyte toxicity when you seed this into conventional fescue as it improves overall forage quality and nutrition.

50% freedom medium red, 25% alice white 25% regalgraze white.

Great for frost seeding and interseeding pastures. ?áComplement all grass mixtures and works well as a perennial pollinator mix. ?áGood nitrogen fixer, year-round soil cover and weed suppressor. ?áSeed at a rate or 4-6 lbs per acre.

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