Cimarron Plus Pre & Post Pasture Herbicide 2 Ounces

Cimarron Plus Pre & Post Pasture Herbicide 2 Ounces


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Cimarron® Plus is a preemergence and postemergence dry flowable granule herbicide that delivers long-term residual control to protect pastures and rangeland grasses from broadleaf weeds and brush.   

Use with a nonionic adjuvant, crop oil concentrate of methylated seed oil.  

.125 - 1.25 oz per acre is the common rate. Not more than .5 oz on fescue.  Read and follow label directions.  

For spot applications, mix 1.25 oz in 100 gal water with a nonionic surfactant.  

Cimarron Plus herbicide is absorbed through the foliage and roots of broadleaf weeds, rapidly inhibiting their growth. Leaves of susceptible plants appear pale, yellow, or yellow-white from 1 to 3 weeks after application, and the growing point subsequently dies. The final effects on annual weeds are evident about 4 to 6 weeks after application. The ultimate effects on perennial weeds and woody plants occur in the growing seasons following application.

For preemergence weed control, one to two inches of rainfall or sprinkler irrigation (enough to wet the top 2-3 inches of soil) is needed to move Cimarron Plus herbicide into the weed root zone before the next flush of weeds emerge. Without sufficient rainfall or sprinkler irrigation, weeds germinating after treatment will not be controlled. The amount of moisture required for sufficient activation increases with crop or weed residue and in finer textured soils.

Cimarron Plus herbicide controls and/or suppresses a broad spectrum of broadleaf weeds and brush species, including annual broomweed, marestail, cocklebur, thistle complex, Bahiagrass, marshelder, blackberry, dewberry, henbit, sericea lespedeza, yucca, multiflora rose and more. Please see the product label for a full list of weeds and brush controlled.

There are no grazing or hay harvest restrictions for non-lactating or lactating livestock when Cimarron Plus herbicide is applied as directed to range, pasture, grass hay fields, CRP acres, and/or uncultivated areas are that are directly adjacent to, or which transect or pass through, treated areas. Grazing animals do not have to be moved off the area before, during, or after applying Cimarron Plus.

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