Cattleman Chute w/ Auto HG

Cattleman Chute w/ Auto HG


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Tarter's CattleMaster Series 3 is the economical, fast, and safe solution for cattle operations. Makes it easy to work cattle by yourself. An easy-to-use pull handle allows you to operate the tailgate near the entrance so you can encourage livestock to enter. The tailgate automatically locks when opened. When closed, durable steel bars prevent cattle from getting out - and others from getting in - allowing cattle to see into the chute. It's more likely they will want to enter when it's their turn. The Automatic head-gate does the catching for you, so there's no need to stand at the front of the chute. With one hand, you can easily access the top half of livestock for branding, vaccinations, and deworming. Removable panels make working the lower half of cattle safe and quick. There's a side door to allow livestock to exit.

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