Carpenter Bee Traps

Carpenter Bee Traps


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Prevent carpenter bees from drilling holes in your home or wooden structures using this Carpenter Bee Trap. This clever trap catches the carpenter bees keeping them from damaging your wooden structures. The wooden body naturally attracts carpenter bees to the unit and avoids trapping other insects. Entry holes on three sides of the wooden block allow the bees to access the trap but not easily find their way out. They are directed into the jar, from which they cannot escape. Simply unscrew the trap reservoir to empty the captured bees. Hang this trap with the included hook or simply rest it on a level surface. Hang or place this trap near the damaged areas and its 5 ft. to 15 ft. effective radius will do the rest. Catch and release (optional)
No chemicals or skill needed
Does not attract any other type of bee

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