Barley Grain 50 pound bag

Barley Grain 50 pound bag


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Pearled Barley Feed Grade:  9% min Protein Grain.  Also called hulled barley.  The inedible coating or outer fibrous outer hull has been removed.  Allowing for more grain per pound.  Pearl barley is similar to wheat in its caloric, protein, vitamin, and mineral content, making it more nutrient-dense.

We sometimes keep barley with a germination tag for seed as it is excellent for fall & winter grazing and can be swathed for hay or chopped for silage in summer. This becomes a leafy and high-tillering plant. We prefer improved, 6-row winter barley with high grain and forage yield that is disease-resistant and has winter hardiness. Plant Sept-Oct Rate: 65-85#/A Depth: 1-2".  We keep seed barley in the fall, as this is the best time to grow it to produce your own grain. 

Although what we have today can sprout, it has no germination tag and is more nutritious when fed.  

Growers realize that feed grain will generally sprout and those feeding barley understand that untreated seed can be fed.  Seed commonly comes in 48# bags.  Feed commonly comes in 50# bags.  

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