Baby Chicks ~90% Females Sexed

Baby Chicks ~90% Females Sexed


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Baby Chicks - Assorted breeds for laying and dual purpose. Sexed as they hatch (guaranteed 90% from hatchery). Available seasonally in the spring. We do not ship baby chicks. You can expect 100% live delivery when you pick them up, full count on every order and at least 90% true to sex on all pullet orders. Due to the fact chicks require specific care that is outside of our control once they leave, there are no refunds for loss. Sexing error adjustments will be based on difference of price between sexes which amounts to around 40 cents per chick on orders of 10 or more birds if more than 10% are male. Chicks are U.S. Pullorium Typhoid clean by the hatchery. Preorders of 25 or more of specific breeds available. Ask for details.

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