ArVida Assail Anarchy 30SG 64 oz Insecticide

ArVida Assail Anarchy 30SG 64 oz Insecticide


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Acetamiprid, the active ingredient in Assail, Arvida, and Anarchy 30SG Insecticide, is a viable, EPA-recognized, and USDA field-proven alternative where pollination impact is a concern. It provides immediate and long-lasting residual control from sucking and chewing insects on a broad range of crops. The active ingredient works on contact and through ingestion to control harmful insects at all life stages. Acetamiprid rapidly absorbs into the plant tissue and immediately moves via systemic and translaminar activity, protecting the entire leaf.

Acetamiprid can be used alone or makes an excellent tank-mix partner for a resistance management program. Once dry, It remains effective following rain or irrigation.

Acetamiprid provides outstanding residual control: The systemic and translaminar action provided treats both the leaf surface and underside. It won't break down in sunlight. Registered for use on many crops including: apples blueberries tobbaco peppers tomatoes grapes strawberries sweet corn potatoes and greens.  

More than one brand name is under this item.  If you want a specific brand name, ask to confirm that this is what we have in stock at the time of your order.  These contain 30% Acetamiprid.  

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