Non GMO Rabbit Feed Pellet 50#

Non GMO Rabbit Feed Pellet 50#


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All our non-GMO feeds are corn and soy-free, utilizing GMO-free ingredients to form a complete and well-balanced diet. Higher fat and energy levels lead to faster average daily gain, healthy reproduction and fewer days to harvest or to simply keep your pet with you for many years.  

No soybean meal or corn means this feed is free of any and all genetically modified organisms commonly found in these crops.  People with safety concerns associated with genetically modified crops and pesticides commonly used on those crops feel more confident feeding non-GMO products.  

Locally mixed and pelleted feed from a family-owned mill right here in NC means savings to you and a lower carbon footprint. 

This non-GMO pellet is formulated for optimum growth and maintenance of rabbits in commercial production. It is specifically designed to fulfill rabbits' nutritional needs in all life stages. It is based on GMO-free plant and grain products and packed with vitamins, minerals and supplements.

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