Lime Sulfur 2.5 Gal

Lime Sulfur 2.5 Gal


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Lime-sulfur, a fungicide composed of inorganic sulfur and lime, is commonly used today to control a variety of diseases such as plum pockets, black knot, black spot of rose, and other fruit diseases.
Sulfur is toxic to pathogens. It kills pathogens through direct contact or fumigation (sulfur vapors). The vapor action of sulfur allows the fungicide to be effective from a distance and is important in killing spores of powdery mildew. Once taken up by the fungus, sulfur disrupts the transfer of electrons causing the reduction of sulfur to hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which is toxic to most cellular proteins. Lime-sulfur can be applied as a dormant season fungicide or as a growing season spray.

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