Lespedeza Pellet 40 lb bag

Lespedeza Pellet 40 lb bag


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A perennial legume proven to reduce and control barber pole worms (Haemonchus Contortus) in goats and sheep while providing high quality, cost-effective forage protein. Goats love it! These pellets are made from a minimum of 85% sericea lespedeza leaf meal and 15% molasses/lignon binder. Molasses makes the pellets palatable and more attractive to the animals. Research has shown that sericea lespedeza pellets control barber pole worm and coccidia in goats and sheep as well as fresh material or hay. In pellet form, sericea lespedeza can be available year-round, even when the crop is dormant and can provide parasite control for those unable to grow the crop for grazing or hay. Although sericea lespedeza pellets may not eliminate the need for pharmaceutical drugs entirely, they offer a natural alternative while providing an easier method of controlling parasites. Feeding sericea lespedeza pellets should reduce the number of times pharmaceuticals are needed. Try Sericea Lespedeza Pellets for your parasite control problems. Your animals will be glad you did! Begin feeding at a rate of 2-2.5% of body weight per day along with current ration and/or grazing. It is advisable to monitor animals during the weaning process to determine if trace minerals need to be added to their diet.

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