Lopper Bahco 32 in. Aluminum

Lopper Bahco 32 in. Aluminum


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Ideal for landscaping, forestry, and parks, the Bahco 32-Inch Landscape Loppers are designed for cutting thick, strong branches on old mature trees. They feature a high quality hardened steel cutting blade with a sharp upward curve that slices as it cuts, requiring less force than a straight cut and causing less compression damage to the branch. The off-center pivot bolt doubles that slicing motion, increasing the length of the cutting surface while spreading wear over a larger area. The hook shape of the counter blade enables a large cutting diameter and holds the branch steady while pruning. The sap groove is recessed which reduces the contact area between blades, resulting in less friction and sticking. The handles are made from extremely strong, lightweight aircraft aluminum with rubber buffers and non-slip ergonomic grips that are easy to hold. Covered by a lifetime manufacturer direct warranty.

Quantity on Hand: 1

Size: 32"

Product Number: #6205

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