Teff Grass Summer Annual 50 lb

Teff Grass Summer Annual 50 lb


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A warm season annual forage grass. Teff thrives in hot dry conditions once it is established making this variety well suited for hay production or grazing in the hot summer months. A warm season annual grass with an appearance similar to orchardgrass. It has a finer texture and better density than other warm season annuals such as sorghum sudan hybrids. It also dries down much quicker which is a huge benefit for hay production. It is a premium forage horse owners prefer once they feed it. Works well with any livestock. Sow 6-10#/acre. Teff seed is quite small and one of the major challenges for using the product is getting the seed rate light enough and ensuring good seed-to-soil contact. We recommend planting teff in a manner similar to alfalfa. A firm seedbed is very important for successful planting and the seedling depth should be approximately 1/4 inch. We also suggest that fields be rolled after planting if possible.

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