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Envive 88 oz


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Envive pre-emergence herbicide delivers more consistent weed control of the most challenging weeds in soybeans, including glyphosate-tolerant or resistant weeds. Take Out Resistant Weeds. The two modes of action in Envive deliver consistent control and improved weed resistance management of the toughest weeds, including winter annuals, Palmer amaranth, marestail, common cocklebur, morningglory, waterhemp, sicklepod, lambsquarters, and other glyphosate- or ALS-tolerant or resistant weeds. Protect Crops Throughout the Season. Burndown of winter annuals with Envive, plus residual control allows post-emergence application to be made closer to soybean canopy, reducing the number of in-crop herbicide treatments. Envive also works well in cool, wet conditions.

Quantity on Hand: 5

Size: 88 oz

Product Number: #5269

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