2 Hole Waterer Ritchie Genesis

2 Hole Waterer Ritchie Genesis


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The new Genesis Series GC-2 combines two of our popular units to bring you the benefits of automatic watering with the versatility of portable or permanent mounting options.

The construction is strong enough to last for years and the smooth surface and large drain lends itself to easy cleaning. This double sided livestock waterer features a large reservoir with high flow valve for quick refilling of fresh water. Perfect for a fence line of stand-alone operation.

Lightweight and easy to install in temporary or permanent applications. Sloped trough and large central drain for easy cleaning. Covered water to prevent mosquitoes breeding. High flow valve for quick refill. Pressure up to 110 psi. Smooth rounded edges for safety. Elliptical enclosures tip easily so animals can drink without resistance. Keeps water cool in the summer while reducing loss from evaporation. 18890

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