Deer Draw Apple Flavored Original

Deer Draw Apple Flavored Original


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Deer Draw is a pellet/corn attractant and mineral formulated with highly digestible feed ingredients. Apple-flavored pellets and corn are packed with minerals to support optimal antler growth and are designed to attract deer and keep them coming back by creating mineral deposits. Formulated with a high concentration of soy hulls a highly digestible super fiber for antler growth and increased energy during rut. Blend of essential oils and prebiotics to aid in gut and immune health. Diamond V XPC, a source of yeast fermentation metabolites, to stimulate growth of beneficial bacteria, stimulate the immune system, and enhance gut integrity. Formulated with Azomite -trace minerals to support optimal antler growth. Apple flavored to attract and keep your deer coming back. Stabilized rice bran provides Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for increased stamina.

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