Milo Bird Seed 50# Sorghum

Milo Bird Seed 50# Sorghum


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A reddish-colored, round grain, milo which is grain sorghum seed is often a major component in wild bird seed mixes. Grain sorghum has a similar feed value to that of corn, with higher protein and fat levels than corn contains, and is palatable to livestock. Cracking or rolling the grain before feeding it to cattle improves the portion digested. Pasturing cattle or sheep on sorghum stubble, after the grain has been harvested, is also common. When feeding it, grain sorghum often germinates and grows in the area in which it is fed. Poultry are also often fed Milo or sorghum especially when it is less expensive than corn. Commonly less expensive than wild bird seed and millet so it is a good economical alternative.

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