Dewormer Dectomax Pour-On 5L

Dewormer Dectomax Pour-On 5L


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Dectomax Cattle Pour On from Zoetis - contains 5 mg doramectin per ml for treatment and control of 31 stages of internal and external parasites, including brown stomach worms, small intestinal worms, nodular worms, lungworms, horn flies, and biting and sucking lice. For use in dairy replacement heifers less than 20 mos of age and in any age or class of beef cattle, including calves, pregnant cows and bulls. Protects against infection or reinfection with ostertagia ostertagi for up to 28 days. Weatherproof formula. Dosage: 50 mL per 1,100 lbs body wt applied along the midline of the back from shoulder to tailhead. Slaughter withdrawal: 42 days.

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