Vinegar 45% 1 Gal Concentrate

Vinegar 45% 1 Gal Concentrate


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Hundreds of Uses - Perfect for deep cleaning, stain removal, and more. All-Natural Alternative - Replace harmful and expensive chemicals industrial Vinegar. 9x Strength - 9x stronger than standard vinegar. Use at full strength for tough jobs, or dilute with water for a gentler formula. Safe for Home and Garden - Naturally derived from U.S. grown corn. Effective non-selective herbicide. not systemic and safe to use around the woody trunks of shrubs, vines and trees. Effective non-selective herbicide for lawn and garden use. Do not dilute. Spray 15-30 gallons/acre when weeds are small and actively growing to the point of wetness. Spray in full sun 65degrees or warmer. Organic. Be Safe; Follow directions on label. Use gloves, goggles and proper ventilation.

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