Milky Spore 10 oz St. Gabriel

Milky Spore 10 oz St. Gabriel


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For use in lawns, gardens, flower beds and around the home. Do not use on pasture land. Safest material ever developed for control of Japanese Beetles. It is not a chemical pesticide. It is a simple spore affecting some 47 different varieties of white beetle grubs found in the United States including June Beetle or May Fly Beetle grubs. Apply one level teaspoon of Milky Spore powder in a concentrated spot every four feet in rows 4 ft. wide creating a checkerboard pattern throughout open grassy areas, flower beds and vegetable gardens. Spores remain dormant in the soil for years waiting to go to work again as soon as new larvae appear. Ready to use, no mixing. Not for sale in FL, LA and MS. 10 oz treats 2500 sf by spot application. Follow labeled directions for 10 year guaranteed control.

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Size: 10 oz

Product Number: #11990

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