Fertilizer Injector Chapin Hydr

Fertilizer Injector Chapin Hydr


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The Chapin HydroFeed fertilizer injector is a patent-pending design filled with features for use with drip irrigation, sprinkler, soaker hose and direct hose spray applications. Mixes water with liquid, granular and fish emulsion products at the water source. This irrigation system comes with a clear tank for easy monitoring of usage, a large opening with O-ring to prevent leakage, funnel-top mouth for easy filling, built-in mounting bracket for easy set up next to water spigot, rigid inlet tube with in-tank filter for debris-free mixing and drain with valve to quickly empty remaining product and water from the tank. Great way to conserve water and still have a lush, green, well-fed landscape or garden. This is an auto mix system for use with in-line drip, sprinkler, soaker hose systems as well as standard garden hose nozzles.

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