Deer Attractant Block Big & J 25#

Deer Attractant Block Big & J 25#


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The CUBE is a hard form of BB2 that lasts longer in the field. The highest protein and lowest salt content of any consumption block available today! The CUBE, essentially a compressed form of BB2, offers more protein and less salt than any other consumption block. It is designed to last longer in the field and is perfectly suited for hard-to-reach spots. If your stand is too remote to replenish with BB2 regularly, the CUBE is the perfect answer. Like BB2, it will attract deer from far and wide while providing the nutrients and protein that deer desire. Hunting mature bucks, no problem. Minimizing activity is crucial when hunting mature whitetail bucks. Because the CUBE lasts longer, it will help you limit the amount of movement in the area yet makes sure the buck has a reason to keep coming back. Long-distance hunting. Some of us don't live where we hunt, so we can't check our BB2 sites like those who do. The CUBE is perfect for this situation, since it ensures your deer always have a reason to return.

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