Supra - Fulvic Acid

Supra - Fulvic Acid


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Supra - Fulvic Acid 20% Fulvic 2.5 gal Replacement for BioChar and Carbon. A natural acidic organic polymer. Extracted from humus and has a naturally yellow color. Fulvic Acid is a humic acid of lower molecular weight, higher oxygen content and a high number of carboxyl groups which form strong complexes with micronutrients. Fulvic Acid has been demonstrated to facilitate the movement and translocation of phosphates.

For foliar applications -mix into half desired water volume and disperse during filling. Add crop protectants as required. Always use a jar test to check compatibility. 1 quart per 50-100 gallons throughout growing season.

For soil application use with phosphoric acid starter fertilizers, micronutrients and UAN solutions. 1-3 pints per acre in starter phosphate applications.

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