Clover Regal Graze Ladino OC 2

Clover Regal Graze Ladino OC 2


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A true Ladino Clover. Most commonly used for cattle grazing and wildlife food plots. Can be planted or seeded as an individual or stand alone forage as well as interseeded in perennial grasses. RegalGraze has proven to be superior in forage yield with more grazing tolerance than other Ladino Clovers. Leaf size and canopy height of RegalGraze is significantly larger. The larger leaf size means more total leaf area and a leafier canopy to attract big game. RegalGraze can take very heavy grazing and come back strong thanks to over graze protection. This is the first grazing tolerant Ladino Clover combining the high yield and quality of a true Ladino type white clover with persistence under grazing. Planting Rate: 7-10 lbs. per acre. Planting Depth: No deeper than 1/4".

Quantity on Hand: 1

Size: 25 lb bag

Product Number: #5803

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