Ralgro Implants 24 dose

Ralgro Implants 24 dose


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Ralgro implant contains zeranol, an anabolic agent which stimulates weight gain and feed efficiency in cattle. Each dose contains 36 mg (3 pellets) of Zeranol. Approved for implanting suckling calves. growing beef cattle. feedlot steers and heifers. and replacement heifers between 1 month of age and weaning. Not cleared for use in heifers or bulls that will be used for breeding stock, lactating animals, or veal calves. Packaged in cartridges containing 24 doses. Dosage: one dose implanted SQ on the backside of the ear. No withdrawal period prior to slaughter.� Not available for purchase in California or other states where this is a restricted product.

Quantity on Hand: 8

Size: 24 doses

Product Number: #4293

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