Proforce Fuel Performer Hi Fat

Proforce Fuel Performer Hi Fat


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Quality Blend 12/12 Low Starch Performer will replace Proforce Fuel. Quality Blend 12/12 Low Starch Performer is a high-fat, high-fiber feed designed for active horses involved in a variety of competitive disciplines. This high fiber feed contains all essential nutrients needed while maintaining low levels of sugar, starch, and non-structural carbohydrates. Low Starch Performer provides the Equine Athlete with the performance, stamina, and endurance without the hyperactivity. Fixed formulas reduce the chance of a digestive upset. Digestible fiber sources and lower levels of sugar and starch for calm behavior. Antioxidants�such as: Vitamin E, C, and Selenium�reinforce a healthy immune system as well as reduce the possibility of muscle damage. Contains Chelated trace minerals to improve mineral utilization for sound bone development, improved hoof, hair, and reproduction in mares. Increased stress resistance. Guaranteed Biotin and Methionine for hoof and hair growth. Added probiotics, viable yeast, and enzymes enhance microbial fermentation in the horse's cecum and colon resulting in enhanced nutrient absorption.

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Size: 50

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