Drum Wrench Lid Off Tool Nylon

Drum Wrench Lid Off Tool Nylon


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Lid Off Drum Wrench Tool Nylon This is a quality Bung Wrench for removing bungs from a 30/55 gallon barrels/drums and a Pail Opener for 5/6 gallon Pail/Bucket. The tool is made of high impact plastic that will easily remove bung caps from a barrel/drum and pail covers from a pail/bucket without damage.
Product Details:
Unique design for both pails and drums.
Molded of durable high strength glass filled plastic.
Fits most 3/4" or 2" plastic drum bungs.
Removes lids from standard open head plastic pails.

As a Pail Opener Removes Plastic Pail Covers
As a Drum Wrench - opens 2" & 3/4" standard drum bungs
Non Sparking
Heavy Duty

Quantity on Hand: 1

Size: Gallon

Product Number: #7802

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