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Alpha 7 50 dose


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Clostridium chauvoei-septicum-novyi-sordellii perfringens Types C and D Bacterin-Toxoid Seven-way blackleg protection. Alpha-7 Bacterin-Toxoid is a technologically advanced clostridial bacterin prepared from chemically inactivated cultures emulsified with the advanced DD-2 adjuvant system to maximize immune response. This provides for the substantially reduced dosage 2 ml., single vaccination protection and greater uniformity of product. Recommended for the immunization of healthy susceptible cattle, including bred and or lactating beef and dairy cattle. DOSAGE: Now subcutaneous in the ear approved. Administer 2 ml. subcutaneously. A 2 ml. booster is recommended annually. Calves vaccinated under 3 months of age should be re-vaccinated at weaning or 4-6 months of age. CAUTION: 21 Day slaughter withdrawal.

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