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Timothy 50#


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Timothy is a leafy, fine-stemmed, tall perennial bunch grass Timothy is a
relatively short-lived, cool-season perennial that has a shallow, compact,
and fibrous root system. The price makes it an economical choice and a good value even if only used for one season. It is used primarily for hay but is also used for pasture and silage. It is palatable and nutritious. It makes a great companion grass for alfalfa or clover.
Timothy thrives best in rich, moist bottoms and in finer texture
soils, such as clay loams. Performs best with a pH between 5.5 to 7.0.
Tolerant to somewhat poorly drained soils, but will not tolerate wet
soils, or soils prone to standing water. Does not tolerate drought or prolonged high temperatures. Timothy stands become weak under close and continuous grazing. High yielding, high quality and rust resistant, timothy grass matures 7 to 10
days later than most common varieties, giving that leeway often necessary for more favorable climatic conditions for field curing. This also makes it an ideal grass for late-spring grazing.
Timothy is oftentimes selectively grazed due to its very palatable flavor,
soon disappearing when planted with species the livestock considers not
so palatable.

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