Fuel Can 5 gal Thumb Trigger

Fuel Can 5 gal Thumb Trigger


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SureCan 5-Gallon Gas Can is made of 6-layer high-density polyethylene HDPE, which makes it one of the most durable fuel cans on the market. It features a flexible rotating 9 1/2" spout that's easy to fit into any fuel location on your machine - no more tipping required. The thumb button release and safety trigger allow you to control the flow of fuel easily. The self-venting valve is located outside the spout beneath the thumb release trigger, so fuel flow is glug free. The vent automatically shuts off when you release the trigger. A grip at both the top and bottom of can ensure easy lifting. Viton seal and O-ring do not deteriorate with gasoline, diesel or kerosene fuel types. Childproof cap on fill opening and spout to keep kids safe.

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Size: 5 gal

Product Number: #9627

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