ShowTime 24/14 Chicken Rice 50#

ShowTime 24/14 Chicken Rice 50#


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ShowTime 24/14 is formulated by an expert canine nutritionist with high-quality chicken and rice. Whether you are a professional breeder or a typical pet owner, this food will maintain optimum body condition and promote good health for the life of your dog. 100% nutritionally complete and balanced (no added supplements needed). High-quality protein made from poultry for optimum performance. Omega fatty acids from added ground flaxseed, fish meal, and poultry fat create healthy skin and a shiny hair coat and support overall health. Beet Pulp is a premium source of fiber to help maintain intestinal health. Chelated minerals to help improve mineral absorption. Brewer's Rice and ground wheat provide your dog's carbohydrates for high energy levels.

Quantity on Hand: 1

Size: 50

Product Number: #12503

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