Piliguard Pinkeye 10 Dose

Piliguard Pinkeye 10 Dose


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Merck - Moraxella Bovis Bacterin. Indicated for the prevention and control of infectious Bovine Kerato-conjunctivitis caused by Moraxella Bovis. Now protects against 3 strains (EPP 63, FLA 64 and SAH 38) of M. Bovis in only one shot for an even broader pinkeye protection. No booster shot is required. DOSAGE: Inject 2 ml. subcutaneously (SQ) or intramuscularly (IM) into the neck 36 weeks prior onset of pinkeye season. Annual revaccination is recommended. Vaccine may be warmed to room temperature prior to injection. CAUTION: 60 Day slaughter withdrawal.

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Size: 10 dose

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