Rescue Glue Pantry & Birdseed Moth Trap (2- Pack)

Rescue Glue Pantry & Birdseed Moth Trap (2- Pack)


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Trap uses a pheromone lure that attracts multiple species of moths. It's easily activated with the lure disk that's included with the package. Moths are lured by the pheromone and get stuck on the glue dot pattern on the inside of the trap. This indoor trap catches all common pantry and birdseed moths, including Indian meal moth, raisin moth, almond moth and Mediterranean flour moth. Easy to use in kitchen, pantry, garage or shed. Safe near food and non-toxic. No-mess activation. Lasts 3 months. Designer "Inca gold" color. Durable plastic withstands crushing or bending. Package contains 2 traps. Can be hung using the hole in the lure disk or placed on a shelf. Made in the USA.

Quantity on Hand: 3

Size: 2 per pack

Product Number: #11433

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